Combining Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation for Greater Online Exposure

Coordinated efforts on the Internet can yield tangible results for your brand’s online presence, and SEO and PPC play a vital role in that. Businesses that want to make the most of the World Wide Web to promote their brand, attract customers and outpace the competitors, should strategically utilise search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising. While both, SEO and PPC have their own distinguished benefits, they can become a winning strategy when used together. Search engine optimisation and pay per click are two sides of a same coin and are meant to increase coverage, traffic and conversion. When keywords purchased for a pay per click campaign are also ranked in the natural search, online performance is bound to improve. Discussed below are some of the crucial reasons for managing both, search engine optimisation and pay per click, as part of a combined search engine marketing campaign-1. Online visibility- This one is the most obvious and primary benefit of combining SEO and PPC strategies. If properly optimised organic results and paid results both appear on the search engine result pages, there is much greater possibility that your targeted audience will reach to you. Intense search engine optimisation strategies and PPC advertising will help you dominate the search engines and enhance your online visibility to a great extent.2. Greater keyword data- Simultaneously running SEO and PPC campaigns gives you double data to analyse. This enables you to determine which keywords have the highest conversion rate, so that you can use that information to optimise your overall strategy.3. Overcome negative reputation- Another critical reason for combining SEO with PPC is that it can help combat negative criticism and bad reputation on the web. A company that features on top of the search engines are generally treated with greater respect by the searchers. For example, if your products are getting criticism across the web and those negative comments feature on top of the SERPs, your reputation can go for a toss. However, by using a paid ad with the targeted keyword can lead the users to a page on the site where you can do the damage control.4. Diversified results- In search engine optimisation, a more diversified traffic is directed to the website, while in PPC, the traffic is more targeted. Thus, depending on the requirements of the company, you can get both type of traffic by combining these two forms of search engine marketing.5. Short term and long term solutions- SEO is a continuous process that requires rigorous efforts to maintain the top position on the SERPs, while in PPC immediate results are visible. In PPC, depending on your keyword bidding, your ad can rank on top of the SERP. Thus, for short term results, PPC can prove beneficial and for long term results, SEO can be instrumental.These are some of the reasons why combining SEO and PPC is the right thing to do in order to achieve holistic online success. If you are not targeting customers using search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising, you are sacrificing a lot of traffic, because- a) 80% of the online searchers go to the organic results firstb) 65% of search traffic goes to the top ten search resultsc) 60% of searchers click on paid ads sometimes while 12% say they click on them always or most of the time. Thus, invest in a comprehensive SEO and PPC campaign that delivers progressive results and help you outgrow your competitors.